About Us

It is our goal to become an integral part of corporate teams who set themselves apart as visionaries, and moreover, recognize that Mission Statements are more than words in regard to fleet driver safety.

Transparency, honesty and vulnerability are essential in forging long-term collaboration. We have a superior sense of tuning in to understand pain points, identify strategies, assess needs, and embrace passions. Our approach is holistic.

We honor a client’s goal to realize positive financial returns as a result of deploying capital expenditures. More often than not, there exists a great divide between words, data, savings, awards, and action. This is where we rise.

Bridging components, aligning messaging/marketing, and mastering measurable objectives, is essential to achieve consistent outcomes across functions, departments, and divisions.

Is it Rocket Science? No. Does our science work? Yes. Any method is only as good as the tools and attention given.

If you’re Committed, Own Missteps, Desire Better Outcomes, Want Actionable Plans OR are Resistant to Change, Reluctant to Investigate, Stoked in Traditional Practices Despite Results, your case is not unique. We excel wherever you fall. It is our desire to assist you onto the path of least resistance, and biggest reward.

Our process and workflow activities:
1. What does the data tell us – the culprits, reasons, and consequences?
2. Will our customized training solution, reduce liabilities that lead to a cost-positive ROI?”
3. “If _____[you do this] _____, then _____[this]_____ is the anticipated outcome.”
4. Do we see progress? (review every 6 mos., more often if necessary)
5. What does the data for the previous 10 months tell us?
6. Communicate Findings- Review. Reboot. Win.

Safety and Savings are not mutually exclusive. Our results demonstrate how safety actually improves savings. Capitalize on assets available to you now. It’s only a matter of shifting dollars.